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Refreshing Recruitment

Classic Consulting delivers industry leading levels of service to clients and candidates and has won multiple awards recognising its achievements. Founded by a small team of highly motivated and experienced recruitment professionals, all with a stake in the business and with a vast amount of local and national experience, the agency was established to create an exciting and innovative recruitment agency.

Classic Consulting was launched in January 2012 in the midst of recession and in a saturated market with 143 direct competitors in the Sussex region and has thrived by having a client and candidate centric approach.

Classic Consulting works with a wide range of business and charities across the region on temporary, contract and permeant positions, including:

  • Admin, secretarial, PA, legal

  • HR, training, IT, business development

  • Marketing, PR, digital, media

  • Customer service, call centre, market research

  • Professional and financial services, insurance, property


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Classic: (adjective) judged over time to be of the highest quality; (noun) a thing which is an excellent example of its kind (source: Oxford English Dictionary)

Integrity: (noun) the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles (source: Oxford English Dictionary)

Integrity First

Sussex Business Awards

The Institute Of Recruiters