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About Us

Something Refreshing in Recruitment

Classic Consulting was launched in January 2012 in the teeth of recession and in a saturated market with 143 direct competitors in the Sussex region.

Despite this, Classic Consulting has thrived, delivered industry leading levels of client and candidate service and satisfaction and won multiple awards recognising its achievements.

The company was founded by a small team of highly motivated and experienced recruitment professionals with a vast amount of local and national experience. These consultants, who all have a stake in the business, were motivated to establish Classic Consulting because they decided that between them they could create something new and exciting in an industry that desperately needed it.

Integrity first

Success to date is due entirely to an innovative client and candidate centric approach combined with the expertise, experience and excellence of those same consultants and a pledge to putting integrity first. Our founders are keen supporters of the Institute of Business Ethics which was established to encourage a strong ethics culture and high standards of business behaviour based on ethical values.

Rather than our regular board meetings being profit focused, they centre on levels of repeat business and client and candidate development and retention. Any potential client or candidate issues are always at the top of the agenda!

Long Term Commitment

Also key to the success of Classic Consulting was the ability to obtain private equity backing where the focus would not be on short term profitability but the building of long term client and candidate service over a sustained period.

Classic Consulting is backed by the specialist recruitment private equity firm, Krypton Capital. This has meant that the business model for Classic Consulting has been subject to extensive due diligence and subsequent approval from industry experts who were themselves convinced of the potential success of the company and in its ability to offer clients and candidates something new and different.

Thanks in no small way to this initial backing and support, Classic Consulting has been able to set itself apart from competitive ‘owner/manager’ businesses, focus on the customer not the profit and thrive in an already saturated market.

Classic: (adjective) judged over
time to be of the highest quality;
a thing which is an excellent example of its kind (source: Oxford English Dictionary)

Integrity: (noun) the quality of
being honest and having strong
moral principles
(source: Oxford English Dictionary)

Integrity First

Sussex Business Awards

The Institute Of Recruiters